Research Subject Advocate


Research Subject Advocate

Name: Corey Zolondek

Phone: (313) 577-0461


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RSA: Corey Zolondek - (313) 577-0461   More...

The Research Subject Advocate (RSA) acts on behalf of participants to ensure their protection during a study. Current or potential participants should contact the RSA if there are questions or concerns with regard to confidentiality, privacy, safety, research ethics, the process of informed consent, or the rights of participants. The RSA is a liaison between research participants, investigators, and the institutional review board (IRB) that approves a study. In addition, the RSA works in concert with the Community Health Collaborative composed of representatives from local research institutions that are familiar with research procedures.

For more information about research participation, see the following brochure:

A Guide for Research Participants: What You Should Know about Research

Duties of the Research Subject Advocate include the following:

  • Serve as a resource for human research participants.
  • Participate in educating research subjects and potential research subjects regarding regulations of human subject research and the meaning of being a research subject.
  • Provide educational and training opportunities to investigators and staff on human subject protections.
  • Provide guidance to principal investigators and staff on the informed consent process.
  • Observe the consent process on a random or for-cause basis when requested.
  • Assist with the development and adherence to Data Safety and Monitoring Plans (DSMB).
  • Provide input and guidance on informed consent documents and procedures, as needed.
  • Review consent documents to ensure they are understandable.
  • Reflect the views of research participants to the IRB and staff, when appropriate.
  • Provide community outreach related to human research subject protections. Evaluate research-related community outreach efforts

Telephone: (313) 993-4109

Address: 60 W. Hancock, Room 107, Detroit, MI 48201